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The first bracelet Laura, our designer, made she made for herself.  “I dreamed about a unique, but also trendy bracelet, that I couldn't find in any shop.  So I ordered some materials and used them to make the bracelet I was looking for. I realized I had created my dream bracelet and it was on my wrist.  My friends noticed it and liked it so much that they were asking me to create designs for them too.  So, I began to make them for my friends as well". 

This is how the journey of KUTA DESIGN began. It was the entry into the world of jewelry, through a desire to create something special and unique for herself and then for the ones closest to her. Even as the company grows and picks up pace, "We appreciate our dedicated and loyal clients that we have had the pleasure to serve from day one."

Handmade, Elegant, Trendy, High quality and Nature friendly. These are words that describe the KUTA DESIGN brand..

KUTA DESIGN products are a combination of genuine leather, natural gemstones, stones and other interesting materials. The elegant KUTA DESIGN style will compliment your personal and unique look.

We do not sacrifice quality for higher profits.  Our team constantly invests time into quality, seeking only the best new materials, testing what we find, and experimenting with different materials and styles.  We use genuine leather from our trusted and professional partner in Germany.  All the clasps we use are stainless steel in order to avoid allergies and to ensure that they will remain the same color.  We do all we can to source our products from ethical renewable resources to show our love of nature and humans. This is as a core value of our company. We strive to create trendy but also minimalistic jewelry that is timeless and will last your lifetime. 

To be on trend in fashion, two times per year we present our limited collections. We constantly work to create new surprises that flatter You - our KUTA DESIGN lovers and clients. 

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Email: hello@kutadesign.com

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